The Big Day!


The morning of my surgery had to be the biggest wake up call of my life.  This was really about to happen.  My nerves were at the top-most level possible.  (My nerves are increasing as I’m writing this- weird) We arrived at the hospital, extremely early in the morning, and I was completely starving, since you have to fast prior to surgery.  The nurse called my name back to get changed and prepped for surgery, and within minutes, I was saying goodbye to my parents and boyfriend and walking to the OR.

First thing you notice: FREEZING!  The operating room is absolutely freezing and there are so many doctors and residents everywhere getting things ready.  They told me to lay down on the table, and while they were strapping my arms and legs down, one of the nurses was piling warm blankets on me (ugh, amazing, and definitely helping with the nerves).  Her and I were talking for about a minute or so, just checking my name and surgery I was getting, and next thing I knew… I was waking up in recovery.

When did they give me the anesthesia?  Where’s my family?  It really hurts to swallow..


My nurse told me that my surgery went well, and checked my vitals and I had a fever, so they would only allow my family in to see me for a quick minute.  After about an hour, I was transported to the next recovery room where we spent at least 3 hours trying to decide if I was going to be going home or staying the night.  The doctors OK’d me to leave, but I was extremely nauseous and did not want to have to end up coming back after returning home.  I could barely walk to the bathroom (which was about 10 feet away) without the help of somebody else and feeling nauseated.  There was no way I was going to leave.  Right before heading up to our room for the night, I was feeling a slight tingling sensation in my temples, which was explained to most likely be from the anesthesia.

To the room…

My mom and I were able to share a room which was great.  Before getting some sleep, I was able to drink some juice, which was a great success after a total thyroidectomy.  My nurse came in and gave me some pain medicine and a breathing mask to help settle some of the inflammation.


I was told that I had to sleep in an upright position, which was no fun to try to sleep with.  And within minutes, I noticed something else was keeping me awake.. more tingling.. except now in my hands and my feet.  I tried to relax so that maybe it would go away, and nothing was helping.  I finally caved in and called the nurse to see what was going on.  She was clueless and went to call my surgeon and his team to get a better idea.

A phlebotomist was sent up to my room to take a blood sample, and within a half hour, the nurse came back with some Calcium to put in my IV.  Calcium? Why?.. She explained that during my surgery, the surgeon had to take one of my parathyroid glands (Okay? And?) and that controls my calcium levels.  She went on to explain that my other 3 glands were probably just stunned from the surgery and haven’t woken back up yet, so I would need to take Calcium until that happened, which would be in no time.  FINALLY the tingling settled and I was off to sleep… And waking up every hour, if not more.


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