Love, Support & Consultations


The following days after finding out my results, I was engulfed with more love and support then I thought was possible.  I was being completely showered with cards, phone calls, flowers, etc from my family, which had made the process seem a little bit easier knowing that everybody would be there supporting me no matter what.

Before I could be 100% certain that I was going through surgery, I had to get an echocardiogram and a stress test done to make sure that my heart was healthy enough and functioning correctly to go under anesthesia.  A lot of people don’t have to go through this process before surgery, especially younger people, but I have had breathing/heart problems prior to this that had to be settled.

As far as my Echocardiogram results… they came back showing that my heart is working perfectly, that all the parts are working together how they should be.  So there was some good news!  

My Stress Test showed that when physical endurance was increased, that my heart rate increased at a much higher rate then an average 23 year old woman should.  It wasn’t anything that the anesthesiologist would have to worry about though, as it would not effect my surgery.  My cardiologist did however suggest that I start working out slowly and to ease myself into it after I get better from surgery, so get my heart rate where it should be.  More good news!

August 19th was my consultation for surgery.  I was referred to Dr. Sandau, who turned out to go above my expectations of a surgeon.  During our consultation, he went over in detail exactly how the surgery would go, what to expect after, how to long to stay home from work, and any side effects during the healing process.  I wasn’t the least bit worried about the actual surgery, but about the anesthesia since you always hear horror stories about people not waking up right away.  That was the only negative thought in my head, and with positive vibes, surgery was scheduled for September 12th.

But… school starts September 3rd.

Now I had to make a big decision…


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