Biopsy Jitters & 50/50 Results


After finding out that I was definitely going to need a biopsy, I wasn’t nervous about the results, I was more worried about the actual process…  Really, who likes needles?  Especially one that needs to go into your neck.

As the day came closer, I became more nervous about the possibilities for the results.  I had my biopsy on August 5th, 2013.  I was stuck with the needle three times to make sure that Dr. Haenel Jr could get a good sampling, and each one hurt more and more.  After it was over, Dr. Haenel placed a bandaid on the site, and I remember the area being sensitive and not being able to turn my neck as much as I usually could.


August 14th was my follow up appointment with Dr. Haenel for results from the biopsy.  He sat me down and stated that he had good and bad news.  That the bad news was that biopsy came back “suspicious of cancer”.  What?.. How?.. Is he serious?.. Does he have somebody else’s results in his hands?..

Dr. Haenel explained to me that this doesn’t necessarily mean that it IS or ISN’T cancer, that the samples collected did not give the lab a certain enough answer to say yes, it is, or no, it isn’t.  He told me that it would be a smart idea to get my thyroid taken out within the next couple of months just to be safe, and reassured me that even if it does come back malignant, that thyroid cancer is one of the slowest, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about it spreading quickly (that was the good news).

Of course, I’ve never felt emotion like I did on that day.  Neither had my mom, who was there with me when the results were given.  Neither had my dad, who I had to call and tell during him working.  Neither did my boyfriend, who I had to text and explain while he was working.  Neither had all of my family members, who were just as surprised as we were.  My mom and I waited in our Hummer for almost an hour before driving home, just to take it all in and cry.

I realized that although I probably just got the worst news I could ever imagine, that it wasn’t a 100% yes that it was malignant, so for the next few weeks, I tried to throw out all the negativity and be positive so that I didn’t have to worry about what might not even be.


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